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National & Local Guidance


You are here as guests in accordance with one of the following UK Immigration arrangements:


Ukraine Family Scheme Visa

If you came to the UK to join the household of a family member, it is important to note that you did that by mutual agreement and personal arrangement. The expectation is that you will continue to reside with your family for as long as you need that safe place to stay, or if you are able to source your own accommodation. Whilst the local authorities are not involved in that arrangement you may find some of the information in this document useful to you during your stay.


Homes for Ukraine Scheme

Those who offer a home to people fleeing Ukraine, are called a “sponsor”. They have registered their interest in being a sponsor with the UK Government. The sponsors offer of room(s) or a property is for a minimum of six months, but ideally for as long as your, as “guests” need a safe place to stay. Guests will be able to live and work in the UK for up to three years and access benefits, healthcare, employment and other support.

For more information on these national schemes and the role of the Lincolnshire councils, please visit the Ukraine Response page



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