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Digital Resource for Carers

Caring for a loved one who is ill, disabled or older can be valuable and rewarding, but without the right support caring can have an impact on your health, your job, your finances and your social life.

Lincolnshire County Council has teamed up with Carers UK to offer carers in our area a comprehensive solution that brings together Carers UK's digital products and online resources with our own information and support for carers onto a single webpage.

To create an account and get free access to all the products and support resources visit Carers Digital and create a new account by using your free access code DGTL1946.

The Digital Resource for Carers includes e-Learning modules, factsheets, interactive guides, personalised support, and information from us split into the following areas:

  • Health and wellbeing: including resources around nutrition and breaks
  • Support for Caring: including our 5 'About Me' e-Learning courses on building resilience and finding support, and our upfront guide to caring which gives tailored advice to carers depending on their situation
  • Technology and Caring: includes guides on how to use technology in care
  • Financial Planning: includes resource made with Money Advice Service called 'Thinking Ahead', a questionnaire style tool to help people think about the costs of caring
  • Working and Caring: includes guides to rights at work and seeking support
  • Access to our care co-ordination Jointly:Jointly is an app (also available on desktop) designed to make caring easier. It combines group messaging with other features such as to-do and medication lists, calendar and more. You can use it with others or on your own. Free access code: DGTL1946
  • Young Adult Carers: an e-Learning resource for young adult carers now in adult service including, for example, advice and information for making choices about caring, and support in and about education and work
  • Learning for Living: an e-Learning resource designed to help carers recognise the transferable skills they have gained through their caring journey, to boost their confidence at work
  • Plus your own information and support resources (e.g. links to local services and support, local groups and charities, council information etc.)
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