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National and Local Guidance

For current national and local guidance, please see the links below:


Isolation rules

There is no longer a legal requirement for people with coronavirus (COVID-19) infection to self-isolate, however if you have any of the main symptoms of COVID-19 or a positive test result, the public health advice is to stay at home and avoid contact with other people. For further information please visit Gov.uk


Covid-19 Vaccine

The NHS is currently offering the Covid-19 Vaccine. You can find out who is currently eligible for the vaccine by visiting the NHS website.

For more information specifically relating to Lincolnshire; including vaccination centres, visit the Lincolnshire coronavirus vaccine programme website.

For information about booster doses of the vaccine please see the NHS website for more details. 


Vaccination Transport

Before you make you vaccination appointment, there are a few things to consider, such as:

  • how you'll get there
  • what day and time is likely to be easiest for you
  • can someone in your household or a friend take you
  • use public transport if needed - bus and taxi operators are following covid-safe guidelines but make sure you wear your mask and sanitise your hands before and after your journey
  • if you need accessible transport, many taxi companies have suitable vehicles

If you need further advice on transport options, The Lincolnshire Transport Helpline provides information and advice on a wide range of transport options including community car schemes and CallConnect - find out your travel options here or call 0345 456 4474 (Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm, Sat 9.30am – 4pm).

If you book your vaccination appointment and then find out you can't get there, you can re-arrange your appointment for a different time or venue. 


Testing Information

Guidance on coronavirus testing is available on the NHS website.

From 1 April, free Covid-19 testing will be available for people with symptoms if they are:

  • patients in hospital
  • eligible for treatments because they are at higher risk of getting seriously ill
  • living or working in high-risk settings such as care homes or the NHS

For further information about the testing update, visit gov.uk


NHS Covid-19 app

Visit the NHS website for further information on how to download the app. 


Face Coverings 

Please see gov.uk for latest information. 


Clinically vulnerable

See the link below for the current government guidance:


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