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Support for Children and Young People

Long COVID Kids

Visit longcovidkids.org to find support for children and young people living with Long COVID and related illnesses, and for the parents/caregivers who look after them. Sign up to receive a FREE 140 page support guide for parents, schools and children: https://www.longcovidkids.org/support-guide

LCK Support Services include Facebook groups, Zoom hangouts, and an online forum for children and families.

NHS Leaflets

Young people Post-COVID - Activity

Young people Post-COVID - Eating well

Young people Post-COVID - Emotional wellbeing

Young people Post-COVID - Going back to school

Young people Post-COVID - Sleep

Young people Post-COVID - Social life

Useful resources

BBC Young Reporter: Coping with Long Covid - BBC News

Supporting a child with long COVID – tips from parents of children living with the condition (theconversation.com)

Illness and your child's education (gov.uk)

Long Covid Kids: Back to School - Tips for Teachers (longcovidkids.org)

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire provide emotional wellbeing support for children and young people up to 19 years old.  If you have a special educational need or disability or are a care leaver we can see you up to the age of 25.

A quote. It reads ''When I was first ill, I know it was terrifying... my wife used to stay up at night because I couldn't breath. If my wife wanted to go anywhere, my children would stay in... it's difficult for them as they have had to change their lives.''

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