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Direct payments

If you are eligible for support after a social care assessment, you will receive a personal budget. You can choose to have your personal budget as a direct payment instead of letting the local authority arrange services for you.

For further information on direct payments and financial information you can view the Lincolnshire County Council website and download the Direct Payment an Easy Guide. This includes information on direct payments. You can also view the Adult Charging Policy which includes information on any charges and contributions towards the cost of your care.

A direct payment could be paid as a one-off sum or an on-going payment (e.g. monthly for support costs). It is paid directly to you or your representative to give more flexibility over how your care and support is arranged and provided. This allows you to meet your assessed eligible needs and to achieve agreed outcomes.

You can choose to manage your direct payment in one of following ways:

Option 1 – Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet is a user-friendly, digital platform that enables you to manage your direct payment online. Removing the requirement to manage a pre-paid card and paper receipts, Virtual Wallet enables you to arrange, manage and pay for your care in a secure online environment, whilst retaining full control your support and funding.

To learn more about Virtual Wallet visit https://lincolnshire.connecttosupport.org/virtual-wallet/

Option 2 – Pre-paid card

A prepaid card account can be set up for you by Lincolnshire County Council for on-going direct payments.

Option 3 - Own bank account

You are able to set a new bank account up, just to manage your Direct Payment from the council.

Option 4 - Managed account

If you, and your family members, no not wish to manage the financial details of your care, our Direct Payment Support Service provider can manage and organise you can for you.

If you are not able to, or do not wish to manage your own finances, it is possible for another person to manage your direct payment on your behalf.

If you aren’t able to, or don’t want to manage your own finances, it’s possible for another person to manage the direct payments on your behalf.

For further information about personal budgets visit the Lincolnshire County Council Website.



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