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Paying for care and support

Social care, unlike health care, is not free to everyone. Many people will have to pay something towards the care they receive.

If you are eligible for care services from Lincolnshire County Council, you may qualify for some financial help to meet your care needs. For those who are eligible for care services, Adult Care will carry out a financial assessment

Depending on personal circumstances, some people will have to pay the full amount for their care (this is classed as being a 'self-funder',  further information for which can be found on this Lincolnshire County Council web page).

Generally, if you have assets of over £23,250 you are unlikely to receive funding for your social care. (The value of your home is not taken into account if you need care in your own home).

You can find out how much you may have to pay towards your care by using the Adult Care Charges calculator available on the financial assessments page. 

You may be eligible for funding through a health fund called NHS continuing healthcare. This is care that is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals who are not in hospital but have been assessed as having a ‘primary health need’. 


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