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Information and Support

The Lincolnshire Living with Cancer Programme, Macmillan and Connect to Support want to make sure that people living with cancer in Lincolnshire are supported at the right time, in the right place, by the right people and in the right way for them.

To ensure that you can access the support that you and your loved ones need, we have created a directory of Lincolnshire services, which can support you living well with and beyond cancer.

To learn more about support and services that can help you or your loved ones with information and support concerns, click the links below.

Information and Support - Providers Directory

Information and Support - Activities & Events Directory

Other Support for You CTSL page

Useful links to further information on Cancer specific support groups and projects within Lincolnshire are below:-

Macmillan HOPE Course LeafletVideo

Fighting Fit - Lincoln City Foundation - You Tube

Please click the above video for further information on the Kidney Cancer Support Group 

Wellingore Co-Production Cancer Care

Macmillan Telephone SupportMacmillan Telephone Support


Within this directory you will find information on services which have been identified as potentially beneficial in providing support or assistance to an individual effected by cancer. Although these services have initially been screened, it is down to you as an individual to be cautious of the personal information you share with the services. To know more about the services listed on this directory and how they may use your information, please read their privacy policy which can be found on their website. If you are concerned by the behaviour of any service, please contact Connect to Support directly on 0300 303 8789. 

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