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Think 111 First

If you have an urgent health concern but it's not an emergency, we're urging you to - Think 111 first!  NHS 111 is available online, on the NHS app and by calling 111, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is easy to use. 

COVID-19 Information

For information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) community support in your area, please see our dedicated Coronavirus Support Page.

Get your winter booster if you're eligible!  It's the best way to protect yourself from serious illness ahead of winter so please take up the offer.  Visit http://nhs.uk/covid-booster to get started.


COVID-19 Information

Current Funding Opportunities in Lincolnshire

For full details of current funding opportunities, visit the Funding page.


Boost your immunity this winter

Top up your immunity this winter.  Vaccines are the best protection we have against viruses like flu and COVID-19.  Find out if you’re eligible for these two essential vaccines now at http://nhs.uk/wintervaccinations

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