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Staying Active as a Carer

What are the benefits of staying active?

Staying active whilst caring for a friend or family member can be challenging, and looking after your own wellbeing is often last on your list. Currently, 3 in 4 carers feel they aren’t able to take part in as much exercise as they would like to, with only around 14% of carers able to be physically active, compared to 54% of all adults.

However, the benefits of being active can significantly improve the quality of life for somebody in a caring role, by:

  • boosting self-esteem
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • combatting loneliness and increasing social connection
  • allowing them to feel better themselves, whilst caring for others

Research from Carers UK found almost three quarters of carers felt being physically active can make them feel good about themselves, and two thirds said that taking part in a range of activities helped them feel connected to people.

See how other carers have benefitted from moving more and being active:

How can I be more active?

Below, we have shared a range of opportunities for carers and their supporters to get involved in, to help them feel the benefits of moving more by taking part in a range of activities, often alongside other carers.


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