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In-Person Support

Citizens Advice is a charity providing free, independent and confidential advice, advocating for changes to unfair policies and practices and helping people find a way forward with the problems that they face. They offer advice through several different channels, including telephone, email and face-to-face, and are supported by dedicated volunteers and staff who have a passion and commitment for making a difference to the communities of Lincolnshire.

Citizens Advice can provide support with a wide range of topics including benefits, debt and money, employment, consumer issues, housing, family, immigration and more.

To find your local Citizens Advice visit their website and input your postcode. There is also a dedicated helpline number and email address for Ukrainian guests in Lincolnshire: 0344 847 6128 / ukraine@citizensadvicesouthlincs.org.uk.

Citizens Advice can also provide home visits within rural areas and occasional attendance at community groups in Lincolnshire, with translation support available. Please contact ukraine@citizensadvicesouthlincs.org.uk for more information.

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