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Learning to Speak English (ESOL)

ESOL learning

We understand how important learning to speak English is to help with finding a job, attending school and fitting in to your community.

There are lots of opportunities in Lincolnshire to learn and improve your English. English language courses are sometimes referred to as ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages.

We have included a lot of information below about the different opportunities to learn to speak English in Lincolnshire. Some of these are formal educational settings like colleges, some are informal places like community groups.

If you can’t attend a particular location for English lessons there are also lots of online resources for learning to speak English – we have made a list of some useful websites, podcasts and apps below, including a few links that might be useful for children.

We hope that you will find something useful on this page, but if you have any questions about where to learn English you can contact either the Wellbeing Lincs team on ukraine.wellbeing@e-lindsey.gov.uk or the Lincolnshire County Council Homes For Ukraine team on homesforukraine@lincolnshire.gov.uk


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